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Our staff and management at Classic Beauty Hair Salon are in the business of offering the highest possible professional hair care and service, in a warm and friendly, family-oriented environment. We believe our clientele to be the most valuable people to us in our profession. Our clients are all treated with respect and we always strive to exceed their overall expectations. With honesty and integrity, we service our clients with the best care.

Conveniently located in Orlando Florida, Classic Beauty Hair Salon is more than “just another salon”. From day one we have been dedicated to the full service, scientific approach, and total natural look concept. It is a place where individuals come together and work as a team, creatively and mentally. This team approach is what sets us apart from other salons.

We pride ourselves on being that comfortable, down to earth, full service hair salon. We base our success on our positive attitudes towards life, our profession, and our clients.



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